… renewing the evangelical enthusiasm to embrace and give life…” in our everyday life. With courage and concreteness, we focus on the mission of the poor, whatever they are, to allow ourselves to be evangelized by their precarious style of life that can only count on the person who can become the providence of the Father.”  (Ref. Sr. Paola Dotto, General Superior’s foreword,  XX  gen. chapter program)

Contemplating  on  the Father’s Mercy which we experienced through  constant relationship with  Crucified Christ and  Risen Lord, we

Open ourselves to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit  and with complete trust  in the divine providence,  we received  the relief goods from Calbayog City mayor and from some generous people of Calbayog,  for our physical nourishment  and   with Franciscan simplicity and perfect joy, we also  generously shared  our freely received  benefits  with those who most need. As we also

Revive our spiritual life regularly (taking the opportunity even during lockdown period,) with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at Calbayog Cathedral, with our   personal as well communal prayer, half day of daily individual Eucharistic adoration and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament which concludes with midday prayer, with recitation of 3” clock prayer with Divine Mercy chaplet, and daily at 8 P.M. recitation of the Holy rosary of the parish community at a distance.

On behalf of the wounded   humanity we offer to God, the merciful Father, our supplications and the prayers of deliverance against the corona virus. In order

Not to remain indifferent in confronting the pandemic crisis which brutally attacked everyone in the world without distinction.  In response to the afflicted humanity,

All of us in fraternity  aspire  to live a life of  intensive prayer, penance and sacrifice, community recreation, rest and cultivation of vegetables  in our  garden,  fostering  to all God’s  creatures  the  mercy and compassion  of the

Virtues of  the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Intimate touch with the living Word of God during the daily Liturgy nourishes us and animates us to

Respond  to the needs of our poor brothers and sisters with simple and genuine spirit of minority.

Undertaking  an authentic personal conversion path, each of us in the community with

Sincere and true  fraternal dialogue, with reciprocal love,  forgiveness and mutual understanding, we continue to strive to live joyfully  the beauty of consecrated life  and our being missionary first of all  in our fraternity  and then in our mission field.

          Here we are reminded of a line that’s sometimes attributed to St. Francis of Assisi (though attribution is most likely inaccurate) “preach the Gospel at all times, use words when necessary”.


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